Chandler is a city in Arizona just southeast of Phoenix. As the fourth largest city in Arizona, Chandler boasts a diverse and flourishing art scene, fun and inclusive family activities, and exciting and abundant nightlife choices.

Chandler History
Chandler, Arizona gets its name from its founder, Dr. Alexander Chandler. Dr. Chandler was a veterinary surgeon. In fact, he was the first in the Arizona territory. He advertised his 18,000-acre ranch across the country, and settlers poured in. The town grew from three small wooden shacks to the bustling city it is today. One of the most treasured buildings to make the journey through the years is the San Marcos Hotel, established in 1912, by Dr. Chandler 21 years after he first moved to Arizona.

Chandler Family Experiences
Whether you’re a visitor, new to the city, or just curious to find the fun you’re missing as a lifelong resident, Chandler has countless options available to you and your family. If you want a fun day with the kids, Hohokam Pima National Monument is a beautiful national park that offers a unique history lesson both you and your children can enjoy. Afterward, check out the Eddie Basha Collection of Western American and American Indian Art or Chandler Museum to round out your cultural and educational trip. Be sure to stop by Blackberry Cafe for breakfast or lunch on your jaunt about the city.

Chandler Nightlife
If you like to have fun, Chandler is the place for you! The city is home to an array of engaging nightlife spots to suit all of your friends, from the dancing queen to the beer aficionado. Artisan microbreweries such as SanTan Brewing, Chandler’s oldest and largest microbrewery, taverns like Bourbon Jacks, and date night spots like The Ivy make Chandler an exciting place to live or visit.