The city of Mesa is the third-largest in Arizona. It boasts a variety of sights, festivals, adventures, and landmarks that visitors will enjoy. These tourist-friendly activities may vary from one season to another but there’s always something going on. 

A Brief Look at Mesa

Mesa is a southeastern suburb of Phoenix and was first settled by Mormons in 1878. At the time, the community’s focus was on agriculture but since then, Mesa has expanded to include tourism, manufacturing, and retail trade. Sites such as the Mormon Temple (1927), Mesa Community College (1965), and the University of Arizona’s Agricultural Experimental Station can be found in Mesa.

Popular Landmarks and Attractions

The Fresh Foodie Trail

This attraction is designed for those who love to sample Mesa’s breweries, wineries, and talented chefs. Visits to local farms to dive into the fresh fruits they offer will also be on the menu. The offerings are generally detailed in the Fresh Foodie Agritourism Guide. 

Fort McDowell Adventures

Located a few minutes outside of Mesa, this 25,000-acre property is an excellent adventure for families. There are different rides as well as kayaking and river rafting. It’s also a great venue for small to medium-sized events.

The i.d.e.a. Museum

The i.d.e.a. museum provides a multi-sensory experience for the whole family. The attraction combines art, technology, and science to inspire creative expression in visitors of all ages. This museum has also implemented measures that will ensure neuro-diverse guests can participate as well. 

Lakes and Rivers

For visitors who want to spend their time in the water, Mesa offers two lakes and two rivers to choose from. Apart from swimming, there are activities such as skiing, tubing, kayaking, and wakeboarding. In some cases, there are boats available for rental so tourists can make the most of the experience.